Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress!!

1. Orange Juice!
Drink 2 8 oz. Glasses a day
Vitamin C can nearly stop the secretion of stress hormones

2. Just 10 more minutes!
If you had extra time to you ETA's then you'll be less likely to meet
your deadline
It takes the stress out of being late!

3. Gotta speech to do?
Just Smile!!
If you pause and smile before your speech and just peer into the audience.
It gives them the impression that you're relaxed and in control, which will make
your audience relax.

4. Apologize!
Saying sorry clears the air and it lets people know that you have acknowledged your
wrong doing or mishaps, thus creating a stress free environment!

5. DO THE NASTY!! (with someone, or your hand)
Yea that's right I said it!!!!!!!
When you orgasm your body releases beta-endorphins (basically heroin)!!
so you'll be feeling no pain!

who woulda thought!!


  1. I think the fifth one is the clear answer to all problems

  2. or, you can go jogging. long cardio work outs release endorphins as well.

  3. didn't expect orange juice to be on here.

  4. Interesting... will try some orange juice now haha..

  5. orange juice is so good!
    im gonna go get some from the fridge now..

  6. I will try that fifth point and see if works