Friday, April 15, 2011

How to make money with your blog.

Their is over a dozen methods these top blogger’s are using to monetize their blog, different techniques for each niche. Some niche’s are easier to promote products to, some have high paying keywords and some are easy to drive millions of visitors easy month! Bellow is a run down on some of the techniques used.

Advertising Banners

advertising banners1 Top Earning Blogs   Make Money Online Blogging By far the most popular advertising method so far in 2011. Website owners love this because they know they are guaranteed the money, other techniques such as affiliate marketing can go up and down a lot depending on what you promote.

CPM Advertising

cpm advertising1 Top Earning Blogs   Make Money Online Blogging This method is really popular for the website’s that receive a huge amount of traffic, advertisers pay you for impressions rather than sales or clicks! As long as you can predict your impressions which is usually easy to do, you know how much you will earn.

Affiliate Sales

affiliate sales Top Earning Blogs   Make Money Online Blogging
Selling on commission depending on your niche can be a huge earner and is by far my biggest earner. You promote great products and then get great commissions.

Pay Per Click

By far the easiest way to earn money online from a website or blog is from Google Adsense and being paid per click. Can be very lucrative if done right!
google adsense1 Top Earning Blogs   Make Money Online Blogging
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