Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My tattoos

My very first one was a clover I got when I was 18, I got it from a bulldog who I later found out was on crimestoppers...big mistake lol. this is after it healed, you can clearly see the scar in the middle, but what you cannot see is the the ENTIRE thing is just a big scar, he pushed the needle way too far in.

This is my second tattoo, well it's my first, but redone. Still not very good, but I like it a lot better.
And this is my third tattoo, my friend wanted to practice so I let him...I will have it covered pretty soon.
And here is my most current one,this is what it will look like when finished!
And here it is! (not completely done yet)

Courtesy of Carlos Rojas at black anchor collective!


  1. Dude, that last one is badass looking! Makes me jealous. lol

  2. I have to agree your last tattoo is amazing, that detail is perfect and who ever touched up your clover did a pretty fantastic job. Looks much better

  3. it so postapocaliptic awesome

  4. That skull tat is pretty sick :D
    I have a shield on my shoulder, I plan on getting a W on my right shoulder and then I'll call it quits with that tats

  5. The third one is awesome looking. I've always liked clovers, too.

  6. Very nice Ink. The clover does look better redone. Can't wait to see the finished pics of your latest one.

  7. I wonder what the middle ground for the clover would have looked like. It might have been cool like that.

  8. Fuck yeah dude, really nice.
    The skull looks awesome!